Modernization and commissioning of MG-89 sonar

The modernization of two MG-89 sonar stations covered all major components, so the transmitters, receivers, imaging and signal processing system, main power supply as well as antenna stabilization system. The upgraded sonars use modern computer equipment and specialized multiprocessor systems dedicated to digital signal processing and the transmission. The latest generation of algorithms, signal processing, and imaging software used for the water column monitoring, object detection and classification, as well as the analysis of current hydrological conditions were applied.

Modernization and commissioning of SQS-56 sonar (OHP)

This task consist of transmitter and receiver upgrade. The imaging, control, and transmission systems were modernized. The upgrated sonar uses modern computer equipment as well as digital signal processing and transmission. As a result the operating parameters of the device such as the beam number, the angular resolution, as well as the detection probability by the matched filtering were significantly improved. Finally, the visualization system was enriched by new functional solutions, for instant, presentation in the geographical coordinates.

Repair of transducers of PSU 83-51 sonar 

We developed a method of measuring the technical parameters of the ultrasonic transducers and the technological process of their repair. The elaborated  method and process technology used in the renovation of passive sonar transducers that are installed on the submarine of Polish Navy. In summary, we reconstructed a total of 80 sets of sensors.

Modernisation of SHL-200 sonar

This modernization addresses three side-scan sonars of the Polish Navy and covered all of their major components. We can list here: hydroacoustic antenna, transmitter, receiver, imaging and wire data communication system with the wire track. The modern computer equipment, digital signal processing, transmission system and new software were applied. As a result the operating qualities of the device were significantly improved, for instant, the constant linear depth resolution and real-time visualization were obtained. Additionally, the sonar was integrated with the GPS.