The Centre’s main area of activity is national defence and security. The Centre secures work by
bidding for public procurement contracts. Once awarded, they are carried out under thematic
agreements which the Centre signs as a result of a successful bid.
The operations of the Centre include production, research and development, implementation,
technical work, services and training in the following areas:
1. Degaussing and measurements of ships’ physical fields,
2. Ship and aircraft underwater acoustics systems,
3. Ship and aircraft magnetic systems for target detection,
4. Specialist military underwater vehicles,
5. Anti-corrosion systems for on-shore and off-shore applications,
6. Repairs and expert evaluations for the needs of the Polish Navy.

In attachments we show examples of solutions implemented by The Centre for the Polish Navy
divided into three areas:
- Ship's passive defense systems (leaflets)
- Hydroacoustic systems (pdf presentation)
- Underwater vehicles (leaflets)